Changes on the Horizon

First of all I would like to welcome the new readers to The Hunt who have come here from The Captain and The Poet. Thank you for your time.

Second order of business and the reason for this post: The Hunt will be moving away from for hosting. The domain will remain but there may be some downtime and I apologize in advance. I will be working to get things back in order as quickly as possible.

I have some more content ready for after the move so check back soon.

Senseless Death

I see a lot of death. Where I work I’m around it all the time and rarely does it ever effect me. It just doesn’t touch me, because I know why. I know why it happened and it just makes sense. Noncompliant diabetics, cardiac patients who decide to stop taking their meds, fat fucks who can’t breath, alcoholics in liver failure; they all have a logical reason for happening, and I just am not emotionally effected by their passing. I’ve also seen enough of long term care to understand that after a certain point death really is a release.

I see these things day in and day out and it’s easy to be numb to death. It just stops being a tragedy. The thing about that is that obviously not all deaths are like the examples above, and every once in awhile one comes along that just hits me hard. It’s not like I don’t know it’s inevitably coming, but it’s still always a surprise. My night started off quietly with few patients and plenty of time to enjoy the little bit of drama concerning UMan and Kenny, but it took a very quick and abrupt turn. Well… Onto the next one.

It’s Just Everywhere!

Despite my obvious misogynistic leanings, I believe I give a fair look at things often enough. I don’t hate women, and I believe for the most part they should be treated well; just as well as any person should be. Ties into my thoughts on chivalry and all that. But fucking hell, the anti-male stuff out there can just burn me up sometimes.

I don’t mean the usual writings you find on feminist blogs, “news” sites, and the like. No I mean something much more grievous; much more detrimental to society and the fabric of relations between men and women. Something that begins so young and is so insidious. I am talking of course about children’s literature.

If you don’t have children, or any interest in them, I’m about to lose you on this, I understand. For those that do, let’s start right in with what one of my kids is really into right now: The Berenstain Bears. My oldest loves it; can’t get enough of it. I hate it! Which is a shame, because I loved the books as a child, and now I feel like I shouldn’t even have them in my home.

Papa bear is portrayed as a bumbling idiot, who is basically another cub for Mama Bear to watch after. Always irresponsible and often the cause for the all the trouble to begin. Basically he’s always fucking up. Then Mama Bear has to come in and lay down some discipline on him and the cubs, getting everyone in line and fixing everything. Her word goes of course. Even if Papa Bear isn’t involved in the shenanigans he might know about it, but is too much of a pussy to do anything about it.

This is the family model being advocated for in our children’s literature. This is just a small example, there are thousands more. Some don’t even hide it; there’s a book actually called Daddy Does it Different that is all about how daddy’s don’t have their shit together. Anything in it that daddy does that doesn’t fuck things up is still shown as wrong because it’s not how mommy does it. This shit isn’t even subtext anymore.

I personally have taken to changing the story as I read it to keep from promoting such blatant anti-masculine propaganda to my children. This isn’t just me or men thinking this either; many mothers I know don’t want their sons to grow up to be pussy ass Papa Bears. I don’t know what the overall answer to this is, but as a father it’s disturbing how early the gears in the feminist machine start grinding.

Choke Her in Public

With all that 50 Shades hype it’s becoming less and less of a secret about women’s desires to be dominated, and to be with a dominant man. Of course many still don’t want to admit this, but we all know it. One of the most enjoyable parts of knowing this is pushing its boundaries.

When we’ve been with someone for awhile we start showing signs of dominance publicly without even thinking about it. A little slap on the ass here and there would be the most common. Anything really that hints at your latent ability to physically bend her to your will. Usually these actions take a very politically correct route, but since when is that much fun?

You know she likes the slap on the ass in public, and you know she likes to be choked in bed until just after that point where a little panic sets in. So why not combine the two a little? The best way is not overtly. Some non aggressive contact beforehand is ideal, like foreplay. A great opportunity to make your move is if there is some playful teasing or banter. Your first couple responses will be the usual witty material, but then slip in the choke with one. Not anything extreme, just a quick couple second squeeze.

There isn’t an exact time frame for when in a relationship to use this move, but you should be able to gauge it by how far it’s going behind closed doors. However, that’s not universal; sometimes the public choke is just what’s needed to push things along. It’s just a bigger gamble. Something a little more subtle, but can be very effective is pulling her hair in public. Best scenario would be if you are going to kiss her anywhere publicly have your hand on the back of her neck, then as you go in slide your hand into her hair and twist, so that you don’t actually have to pull away to give her a good tug.

The key is to use these tools wisely and sparingly. Keep her guessing, and then drop it in when she doesn’t expect it. Or if you feel she has been misbehaving a little, but not enough for some PDA (public display of anger).


The Bastard Chronicles: Caught! Part I

Previous Installment

I don’t know how the typical affair progresses; I can only speak from my experience. Which is this: it progresses fast! Once the ball is rolling of course. That is probably what the biggest variable is; how long from meeting initially, to romantic interest, to sexual relationship. After that though, I can’t imagine how it can be anything but breakneck velocity. It’s too exciting, too easy to be caught up in it all. After all we’re not just talking about sex, that’s merely cheating; this is an affair.

Our secret world expanded exponentially after first physical contact. You can become so resourceful when facilitating an affair. Lies, excuses, anything to further the tryst. An addiction to a person is incredibly powerful. So it’s not at all surprising that I was scheming was to have more time, and to find somewhere to meet outside of work. That opportunity arose, and setting the plan in motion, I came up with all the proper excuses ahead of time to get myself out of the house and relatively unreachable for a few hours.

I picked her up and we nervously headed to our rendezvous. Despite so much conversation between us before, there was little said on the way there. We were both tense being somewhat in public together. The walls came down after we were alone at our destination, safely behind a locked door. If we were falling before, after this we had truly abandoned all signs telling us to turn back. Head first we went. As my plans up until now kept resulting in me getting what I wanted over and over again I began to feel a bit invincible. Well, more than a bit. I was walking around feeling like the fucking man, and how could anyone not know it? Rules? Not for me. Fuck all that. Of course you can be invincible for only so long.

The night after our little escape from real life, we emailed each other non stop into the late evening. Disbelief and euphoria over the day’s events the primary topics. At a certain point she stopped returning my emails, and I figured she must have gone to sleep, so I followed suit, few hours remaining until I had to wake for work in the morning. I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach about her lack of final response, but I didn’t worry too much. We had set up rules to be followed explicitly to minimize the risks we taking (how fucking foolish we were). I soon drifted off to sleep, still on a high from the sex filled afternoon. Her night was much different from mine, as I would soon learn.

The morning was much like any other. It was cool, but had that feeling in the air that hinted at the hot day to come. My slight unease from the night before grew as I checked my secret email account and found my inbox empty. Receiving emails from her had become very consistent from at least some point during the night, every night. Still, I shrugged it off, and prepared for work. I was nearly there when I received an email. “Hey call me as soon as you get this.” Ominous. I found her contact in my phone and called immediately. As soon as the line was picked up I knew. I knew I wasn’t going to hear her voice. And I didn’t.

Chivalry is Not Dead

Maybe it’s on the ventilator, but it is not dead. It’s something commonly thrown around these days that it either is dead, or that it should be. Which sentiment you share probably depends on what’s between your legs. I don’t believe either statement. I think deep down, most people don’t either.

If you look around it still happens all the time. Maybe not as much as it used to or should, but you will still see doors being held. Often it is still ladies first, even if there are quite a few less “ladies”. These are things that are engrained in our nature. When men drop chivalry it is usually due to an outside force, or they feel it isn’t “worth it”. I don’t believe either of these are acceptable, or that many men accept a lack of chivalry in themselves at all.

Women lament the “loss” of chivalry, and point to it as a sign that the common man has been degraded from his former self in prior times. That last part might actually true, but it’s not just men. We’ve entered a vicious circle, where each gender is pushing the other to new lows endlessly. The degradation is slight, but steady, spiraling lower and lower. So yes, the common man might be a lesser man than he was, but that’s not the whole story.

Around The Sphere there has been talk going back for some time that the time for chivalry has long passed, and that it is a mindset better left behind. Then sometime soon after there will be discussion on how we need to get back to the patriarchal days of old. Well gentlemen, that can only begin with us. Patriarchy can’t just be about having the power, it has to be about using it responsibly. Ultimately it is a service, and a sacrifice more than a privilege. That is what is at the heart of true chivalry, and it is about a lot more than holding doors.

Where in you the chivalry comes from, and how you express it is what matters. The word these days invokes images of white knighting and creepy guys believing that it’s the way into a woman’s heart. I’m going to tell you right that it is not either of those things, and that they are actually quite offensive to the idea of true chivalry. That is because these are selfish acts and true acts of chivalry are magnanimous. Think of it as a display of excess. Your shit is so in check that you have the time, attention, and resources to stop and help someone else for absolutely nothing expected in return.

This not all to say that you should never benefit from the outcomes of your chivalry, but if there is one thing in your life that you are truly outcome independent in, it should be this. The ability to walk down he street knowing you are capable of doing random good is a feeling no man should miss out on. This isn’t becoming a door mat, but doing things in which the reward is in the doing of the act itself, everything else is just icing.

On the Road

Writing this quick post from cruising altitude as fly home from a great weekend away from regular life. I thought at the outset that I would have some extra time to write on some ideas I haven’t had time to flesh out yet, but just didn’t work out that way. Despite having some time during travel, my mind just wasn’t in it, so I’ve been a bit absent. I actually had a big spike of traffic on Saturday, which made me feel like I should have tried to get something posted, but life was calling.

It has been some time since I’ve been able to get away, and even longer since I’ve gone away to somewhere that I’m not relatively familiar with. Getting away from my comfort zone was a great opportunity to test myself a bit. Familiar surroundings make it easy to overestimate our abilities. I’m not talking about anything extreme here, but pushing myself socially throughout my trip. What I find interesting now in retrospect is that I didn’t know I was. It’s just my primary mode of operation; even more so when away from home. The excitement of traveling definitely amplifies it.

I should clarify that I haven’t had any trouble being social since perhaps some point in middle school, and generally I’m a very social person. There’s always room for improvement however, and like lifting I believe it isn’t about where you start, but the progress you make. The progress in this area is unexpected and very satisfying. Nothing like keeping a solid frame across time zones. Not a lot to add here; back to business tomorrow.