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The Hospital Sandbox

There are certain institutions in society where the normal rules and rituals offer just a faint overlay and are bent, broken, or disregarded entirely. Instead there are a kind of house rules that are more prominent, more influential in governing actions and interactions. Lite versions of this idea are found in any workplace or regular gathering of people. Certain sectors however, such as schools, the military, and hospitals take this to the point of nearly being their own society where society proper’s limits are regularly pushed to extremes. So the stage is set for me to see how much shit I can get away with.

Dannyfrom504 (whose blog I have been enjoying lately) works within a hybrid of two of these societies, and I admit to being curious how they mesh and interact. I tend to imagine that the military aspect would add some beneficial discipline and an orderliness with set ranks that doesn’t really exist in the civilian sector. But then nearly every interaction I’ve had in dealing with the nearest Army hospital has been totally fucked, so who knows.

Civilian hospitals are a social sandbox. Millionaire cardiologists, housekeepers, cubicle monkeys, IT dorks, HR cunts, intensivists, and oh yeah nurses. So many fucking nurses. In any given shift i might interact with any or all of these people. I say it’s a sandbox because the natural hierarchy you might expect just doesn’t exist, and in these interactions nearly anything goes.

I’ve always been pretty bold, but red pill social awareness is like a superpower here. Everyone might be in the sandbox, but that awareness not only lets you see the sandbox, it gives you a bucket and shovel. Especially in such a female dominated industry. The other men usually fall into two categories: big egotistic personalities (usually a front), and pushovers who are often unabashedly effeminate. What more favorable conditions could you ask for?

Being a dominant man in this woman’s world offers a very unique perspective. It doesn’t take much to be accepted into their circle, though it’s not exactly a full member position. That’s reserved for the the “men” willing to fully sell out on their masculinity. With this position you can really see the common woman’s dual nature at work. Talking amongst themselves you might easily think any given group of these women are the biggest femicunts in existence. But drop in the most blatantly misogynistic comment you can think of and watch the transformation. Often they won’t just find it humorous, but actually agree. In front of other women; that part is significant.

TV shows only hint at what really happens in these buildings. Like society at large many of it’s members walk around a bit naive about what is actually happening, but there is a high percentage of participants in the debauchery. Guaranteed every night someone in that building is fucking. Sometimes it’s me. Actually compared notes with a coworker and she had been fucking somebody in one the same places I had been using. Doubtful we were the only ones.

That’s just scratching the surface. I mean we’re talking about a building with hundreds of educated professionals working in it at any given time who show up for work basically in pajamas (scrubs). How could the situation not be fundamentally skewed some how? It’s an alternate reality.

Ignoring the Big Picture

Most topics we read about on blogs are about society’s problems. It’s only natural to want to discuss these problems, air them out, and get feedback. Multiple perspectives can help you look at a problem differently and discover solutions you might not otherwise see. Besides that sometimes its good to vent to like minded people.

Where we all can go astray when trying to make positive changes in our lives is getting caught up on the problem itself. We get angry that the problem exists in the first place. Then we start to look at the bigger picture and we see it happening everywhere, driving our fury even further. Considering that big picture and acknowledging our anger is important, but needs to be put aside sometimes when working on our individual problems.

If the natural state of society is patriarchal, then it’s easy to understand how we become focused on its broad and sweeping conflicts. We consider them our responsibility. Men used to be considered ultimately responsible for any and all actions of their wife and children. As the leader of his clan everything fell back onto him. He was accountable to society and his family was accountable to him. That contract has long been breached. By all parties. I would argue the biggest issue isn’t women, but “men” whose only claim to their gender is having a penis.

So our internal programming tells us to fix shit. It’s not hard to notice the societal problems which are shit that must be fixed. The connection that we have to make is worrying about those problems in their entirety will only serve to add to them. The next important connection to make is that many of them are the sum of our smaller problems. The big picture is incredibly important to us as men, but what’s more important to you as a man?

The state of current affairs pissing you off? You want to do something about? Make things better? Make yourself better. Push yourself more in the gym, eat better, dress better, read, do something creative. Society doesn’t improve you, you improve it. Be a better man and you are doing your part.

Feminized (autocorrect tried fixing this to “age unisex” how apt) society pissing you off? Good! Live your life like a man in spite of all that shit and you’ve achieved a true victory. Earlier generations like to reminisce about how things used to be. How men used to act. Well that’s no achievement when it’s choice number one. Do it now and you’ve earned something.

State Sponsored

Probably an understatement to say we all have people we wish we didn’t know. I’m also probably not alone when I say one of those people for me is also someone I wish didn’t stick my dick in. No, she didn’t get pregnant. I’m just in a position to keep hearing current info about her that disgusts me to that extent.

The reason why it’s worth mentioning is its an example of how a mother (using that term loosely) can jump back on the carousel full tilt. I normally don’t really care if that’s how a woman chooses to spend her 20’s and beyond and then complains later; I mean really America is full of people whining about one thing or another. And if you’re not one of “them” then what you whine about is “them” thus making you one of “them”. Just a vicious circle.

When I met her the disguise she was wearing was that of a relatively stable young single mother. That doesn’t matter too much to me because I’m not looking for a replacement mother of my children, a wife, or anything that requires any homemaker qualities. So even if most of that was untrue, not a big deal. However, being a father, it was the basis for part of our initial connection. Things broke apart eventually as was inevitable.

Normally in these situations we would go our very different ways and I wouldn’t really ever have to think of her again. The way in which I met her isn’t the typical one though. I met her through another woman, one I actually do care about. They had been friends for somewhere around a decade, considered each other like family. The events that transpired between all of us changed that somewhat, but that’s a different story.

So remaining somewhat associated with her by proxy I was present when the court ruled that her children be taken from her. This wasn’t something that surprised me for a few different reasons. How she handled it after the fact was what did. Of course she was emotional and I expected she would probably drink a bit and make a few bad decisions, but I also expected after hitting rock bottom for a short period she would do what ever she needed to get her kids back. Instead she hit rock bottom and decided she kind of liked it there.

Court dates came and went, passing by like meaningless foreign holidays. She might have seen them on the calendar, but it was just a minor distraction. She comforted herself by deciding they were “lost causes anyway”. She busied herself by pursuing an endless stream of random cock and whoring herself for money and merchandise.

There’s no real ending to this story. She was approached again about regaining custody and she said she has no interest. The state has given her another chance at an unburdened life and she has embraced it wholeheartedly. The state still even partially supports her. So if you pay taxes, congratulations you’re subsidizing her and her kids. Separately. It’s a sad story and my part in it is small, but it serves as a reminder to me how much a person’s true nature can be hidden. It’s a twisted reality.