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Choke Her in Public

With all that 50 Shades hype it’s becoming less and less of a secret about women’s desires to be dominated, and to be with a dominant man. Of course many still don’t want to admit this, but we all know it. One of the most enjoyable parts of knowing this is pushing its boundaries.

When we’ve been with someone for awhile we start showing signs of dominance publicly without even thinking about it. A little slap on the ass here and there would be the most common. Anything really that hints at your latent ability to physically bend her to your will. Usually these actions take a very politically correct route, but since when is that much fun?

You know she likes the slap on the ass in public, and you know she likes to be choked in bed until just after that point where a little panic sets in. So why not combine the two a little? The best way is not overtly. Some non aggressive contact beforehand is ideal, like foreplay. A great opportunity to make your move is if there is some playful teasing or banter. Your first couple responses will be the usual witty material, but then slip in the choke with one. Not anything extreme, just a quick couple second squeeze.

There isn’t an exact time frame for when in a relationship to use this move, but you should be able to gauge it by how far it’s going behind closed doors. However, that’s not universal; sometimes the public choke is just what’s needed to push things along. It’s just a bigger gamble. Something a little more subtle, but can be very effective is pulling her hair in public. Best scenario would be if you are going to kiss her anywhere publicly have your hand on the back of her neck, then as you go in slide your hand into her hair and twist, so that you don’t actually have to pull away to give her a good tug.

The key is to use these tools wisely and sparingly. Keep her guessing, and then drop it in when she doesn’t expect it. Or if you feel she has been misbehaving a little, but not enough for some PDA (public display of anger).