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On the Road

Writing this quick post from cruising altitude as fly home from a great weekend away from regular life. I thought at the outset that I would have some extra time to write on some ideas I haven’t had time to flesh out yet, but just didn’t work out that way. Despite having some time during travel, my mind just wasn’t in it, so I’ve been a bit absent. I actually had a big spike of traffic on Saturday, which made me feel like I should have tried to get something posted, but life was calling.

It has been some time since I’ve been able to get away, and even longer since I’ve gone away to somewhere that I’m not relatively familiar with. Getting away from my comfort zone was a great opportunity to test myself a bit. Familiar surroundings make it easy to overestimate our abilities. I’m not talking about anything extreme here, but pushing myself socially throughout my trip. What I find interesting now in retrospect is that I didn’t know I was. It’s just my primary mode of operation; even more so when away from home. The excitement of traveling definitely amplifies it.

I should clarify that I haven’t had any trouble being social since perhaps some point in middle school, and generally I’m a very social person. There’s always room for improvement however, and like lifting I believe it isn’t about where you start, but the progress you make. The progress in this area is unexpected and very satisfying. Nothing like keeping a solid frame across time zones. Not a lot to add here; back to business tomorrow.