Saturday Morning Browsing Again

My Manosphere reading from this fine Saturday morning:

Free Northerner updates us on how the purpose of his blog is going. Something I was actually wondering about. One of the first things I do when I find a blog I like is go and read the first few posts. I find it extremely interesting to see the evolution of how people write and what they write about over time. Especially in the setting of blogs as they are usually updated often, so the change is often gradual, so as you’re reading it you may not notice, but go a couple months back and they can seem like a totally different person.

Leap of a Beta finds himself possibly in some deep shit. An example of how being male at the wrong place and wrong time can really fuck you. What’s worse, in these situations there really isn’t a clear path forward, despite being innocent, the wrong step might have deep consequences.

Dannyfrom504 suggests having a drink and smoke. The explicit advice he writes about is good on its own, but I interpret it as advice to do something masculine in an unapologetic manner.

Dalrock notes the feminising of the NFL. While I have nothing against breast cancer activism or its month of awareness, the NFL has show signs of pussification. Over protection of players when the protective technology is the best it has ever been is getting a bit ludicrous. I understand the level of athleticism is also the highest it has ever been, creating the possibility for a greater amount of injuries, but it goes too far. Now we even have supposedly bad ass bull dog defensive players bitching about getting hit and how valuable their knees are? Oh and Hines Ward is a bitch and always was when he played.

This shit is ridiculous. United my ass.

The Millennium Men kick off Flake on Girls Week. I don’t know that I have much opportunity or desire to participate in this event, but looking forward to reports from those who do.


Late Night Browsing Strikes Back

Drugging Our Kids

Just a little common sense would real that this shit is truly not okay. Who knows what the long term effects of this are going to be. As a father I’m prepared to fight the good fight when I’m confronted with someone telling me I “need” to unnecessarily medicate my children. It’s just sad that I have to be.

That Whole Big Bird Thing

Why are people clinging to this point? Should we be funding a tv network with tax dollars? Probably not. But the list of things we waste tax dollars on is quite long. Regardless this is not one of the major issues.

Wal-Mart is Your New Super Evil Bank

Oh shit, here we go. The financial world will have really fucked up if they let Wal-Mart get its foot in the door in the bank business.

SNL Debate 2012

Saturday Night Live has the best commentary on the debate. The only thing about the election I actually enjoyed tonight. It can’t get over fast enough for me.

This Picture is Awesome

That is all.

The Hospital Sandbox

There are certain institutions in society where the normal rules and rituals offer just a faint overlay and are bent, broken, or disregarded entirely. Instead there are a kind of house rules that are more prominent, more influential in governing actions and interactions. Lite versions of this idea are found in any workplace or regular gathering of people. Certain sectors however, such as schools, the military, and hospitals take this to the point of nearly being their own society where society proper’s limits are regularly pushed to extremes. So the stage is set for me to see how much shit I can get away with.

Dannyfrom504 (whose blog I have been enjoying lately) works within a hybrid of two of these societies, and I admit to being curious how they mesh and interact. I tend to imagine that the military aspect would add some beneficial discipline and an orderliness with set ranks that doesn’t really exist in the civilian sector. But then nearly every interaction I’ve had in dealing with the nearest Army hospital has been totally fucked, so who knows.

Civilian hospitals are a social sandbox. Millionaire cardiologists, housekeepers, cubicle monkeys, IT dorks, HR cunts, intensivists, and oh yeah nurses. So many fucking nurses. In any given shift i might interact with any or all of these people. I say it’s a sandbox because the natural hierarchy you might expect just doesn’t exist, and in these interactions nearly anything goes.

I’ve always been pretty bold, but red pill social awareness is like a superpower here. Everyone might be in the sandbox, but that awareness not only lets you see the sandbox, it gives you a bucket and shovel. Especially in such a female dominated industry. The other men usually fall into two categories: big egotistic personalities (usually a front), and pushovers who are often unabashedly effeminate. What more favorable conditions could you ask for?

Being a dominant man in this woman’s world offers a very unique perspective. It doesn’t take much to be accepted into their circle, though it’s not exactly a full member position. That’s reserved for the the “men” willing to fully sell out on their masculinity. With this position you can really see the common woman’s dual nature at work. Talking amongst themselves you might easily think any given group of these women are the biggest femicunts in existence. But drop in the most blatantly misogynistic comment you can think of and watch the transformation. Often they won’t just find it humorous, but actually agree. In front of other women; that part is significant.

TV shows only hint at what really happens in these buildings. Like society at large many of it’s members walk around a bit naive about what is actually happening, but there is a high percentage of participants in the debauchery. Guaranteed every night someone in that building is fucking. Sometimes it’s me. Actually compared notes with a coworker and she had been fucking somebody in one the same places I had been using. Doubtful we were the only ones.

That’s just scratching the surface. I mean we’re talking about a building with hundreds of educated professionals working in it at any given time who show up for work basically in pajamas (scrubs). How could the situation not be fundamentally skewed some how? It’s an alternate reality.

The Bastard Chronicles: Point of No Return

Previous Installment

Excitement and dread mixed throughout my consciousness. Upon seeing her the tension escalated to another level as the atmosphere became charged by our proximity to one another. As we began to talk I felt like everyone around us had superhuman hearing and were of course focused intently on our conversation. I thought surely at some point someone we knew would walk up and ask just what the hell was going on. Obviously didn’t happen.

While I had been plotting how to handle logistics in order to escalate physically, she had decided to take a much more direct route. After a few minutes of awkward small talk, she turned a sharp corner in the conversation and approached the issue directly. “Obviously we didn’t come here to talk about that,” she says to me, “I think you know what we need to talk about; about where we both know this is going.” Paraphrasing here.

I wasn’t prepared for her to be so candid. Well let’s be honest here, I wasn’t prepared for this situation at all. Who is? I was making it up as I went. It was at this point that I really felt like everyone around stopped what they were doing and were leaning in to hear us better. We walked away from the crowd and the situation felt a little more easy to navigate. Despite her straightforwardness I felt like it still needs to be handled very delicately. After all besides both of us being married with children, she is a coworker; it’s a lot on the line. But fighting biology can easily be a losing battle.

For as much passion that was evident thus far, our agreement was very businesslike. We decided matter-of-factly that we both want it, and would pursue an affair with each other. Romantic right? Immediately we decided to lay the framework for how we would continue to stay in contact, now doing it discreetly through secret email accounts. We parted ways agreeing to figure out the particulars later at work.

Part of the reason affairs are so intoxicating is the excitement and anticipation has an adolescent quality to it. Something you feel so rarely as an adult and rarer still the older you get. It’s a more vivid reminder of what it’s like to be young than any memory you could possibly recall. Especially when circumstances combined to make me feel very old beyond my years. It was a unique form of rejuvenation.

With nothing physical having happened yet, you would think things would have been more or less the same as before. But we weren’t just talking, we were colluding; building our secret world together. The power of this is amplified for affairs as its all about the secrecy. At least initially.

It’s telling about the debauchery that can happen in hospitals that so much of this takes place in one. If this isn’t new knowledge to you then you won’t find it surprising that the first time we found ourselves alone with each other was at work. Despite our decision I was still hesitating. Still avoiding that inevitable contact. I was standing at the brink, as scared as I was excited. One simple phrase from her sent me over the precipice.

We stood close; closer as we conversed. An extended pause, and then, “Just touch me.”

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Head Up, Chest Out

For anyone taking their lifting seriously squats hold a special place in their lives. It’s a deep and complex relationship you develop with this special movement; and like many relationships, you love it, hate it, and feel like you can’t live without it. It’s primal, as is the nature of The Big Three.

The Big Three are primal because they replicate acts of strength we’ve been performing for the entire history of our species. With the bench we are pushing something away from us. It’s aggressive, like a confrontation. The deadlift is picking something up. This one is obvious; an action we’ve needed to perform probably more than any other basic movement.

The squat diverges from this theme somewhat. It obviously builds very functional strength, but doesn’t have as direct of a correlation to a natural movement. I relate it to an aspect of humanity that’s more philosophical, but no less primal: struggle.

There’s no easy squat day. If you had an easy leg day then you can have no doubt that you’re doing it wrong. Unless you’re deloading It should always be difficult. It’s a struggle. Depending on the lifter this struggle can begin long before the actual lift. I tend to believe that the more advanced the lifter the sooner this struggle begins. The importance of it is known, and even if you know you’re going to squat in 50 of the 52 weeks in year, that 2% matters.

Belted and chalked up, the bar digging into your traps, you drop down into the hole, anticipation building as you prepare to explode out of it. You’ve made it through your warm-ups and even those weren’t easy. Hit your lift and you achieve a new PR; miss it and all you have is the pain. You start to come out of the hole, and there’s that phrase, simple but like no other. If no one is yelling it at you, you’re yelling it in your mind to yourself. Head up, chest out!

Turning Off Autopilot

What do you want to do right this minute? Goals, and the means to achieve them are discussed often, and that’s important. But how often are really doing what we want? I’m not trying to write a free pass for me or anyone to just be blatantly irresponsible; but as important as discipline is, impulsiveness has its place as well.

It seems extremely straight forward, right? Just decide and then act? It just doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. We only think about what we want to do or how we want to do things generally in the pre-approved times to do so. That’s not to say we don’t daydream about what we might rather be doing, it’s just more involved to think about what we could actually be doing at this moment.

The reason it’s so easy to choose daydreaming over the actions we could be taking right now is because then we have to choose, and then we have to follow through. Or don’t. But the stakes are higher than daydreaming, because they’re just that dreams. Which could be anything or nothing, but nothing about unfulfilled daydreams weighs on you like action not taken.

Perhaps the daydreams should be considered as well, because they’re not all far fetched. Besides the random acts of violence I may consider throughout the day, there are dozens of little things I think about and consider doing that wouldn’t come with so much jail time and losing custody of my kids. Really, starting to write this blog was one of those things. Thought about it quite a bit and then at work I drafted up a couple posts, and went from there. I beat it around awhile though, and I feel like I shouldn’t have, because by the time I decided to actually put thumbs to touchscreen and tap out those posts I had already lost good ideas.

Taking this in another direction for a moment; its not always about deciding to do something better or act in a more efficient way. Maybe even more important is recognizing when we don’t have to stick to the program or play some fucked up bureaucratic version of Simon Says. It’s so easy to forget about our own free will. My hospital, like any hospital that’s part of a bloated “health network” of medical facilities, has a large and oppressive amount of policies. Some valid and worthwhile, and some I read and immediately my bullshit meter reads “Fuck That”, I equate this to just about any aspect of life, and its liberating to recognize the times you can decide when something is fucked and not go along with it. I’ve been astonished by how often this evokes positive responses in the most unlikely people.


Impulsiveness can be a crippling trait, but when harnessed its an essential tool for deciding to act when necessary. These little decisions can be so small, but we are creatures of habit. We don’t want to make decisions. Especially new ones about things we feel like we decided on long ago. This ties in a bit with what I was talking about with doing something new, but is a different aspect of that same idea. Its more broad, but more subtle as well. This can be doing something new, or something in a new way. Or not doing something you usually do. I think it also ties into the Eyes Above the Dashboard post in that its very much about awareness.

It’s an internal awareness, and it’s scope is immense. So much so that the balance that needs to be stuck to be aware and conscience of opportunities to make these decisions and not be stuck in our heads all the time is a very delicate one. Its already easy to get there when game blogs can have men so concerned about projecting “alpha” at all times, but really alpha is about your will. Will is control. Control is getting off autopilot and making decisions.

Saturday Morning Browsing

Dating 2.0 – Selection, Active and Passive

The Private Man discusses a post from Cedo Nulli that is quite concise about how shitty most female’s selection methods are these days. Basically making the call for men to play their own games if she’s going to play hers.

Some Thoughts on the Justin Wayne Saga

3rd Millennium Men call out men essentially being unduly disrespectful on the internet. the internet is a great way for everyone to discuss our thoughts and issues, we just have to remember where the line is for those who don’t deserve the public shame.

Feminine Wiles

Seems like a bit of a theme going here, but a good reminder about how female powers of persuasion can be used for good.

Demanding More

Free Northerner begins by discussing the lies that are told about what women say they want and what they actually want. I like his point that the lie, not the preference is the problem. The post goes on discuss the incentives that lead men down the path of irresponsibility.

Pork 3 Way

Dannyfrom504 makes me hungry.

Failure is Underrated

More about the power of failure when we use it as a tool to get better and succeed. It’s a dangerous but powerful tool for lifting and life.

Blue Collar Strong Man

Interesting guide for MacGyvering a strong man training setup.

Give Your Back a Raise

Strengthening your lower back is often overlooked. Besides making you a better lifter, there are numerous health benefits. It’s an essential part of core training, even if no one cares about it half as much as getting that six-pack.