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Late Night Browsing Strikes Back

Drugging Our Kids

Just a little common sense would real that this shit is truly not okay. Who knows what the long term effects of this are going to be. As a father I’m prepared to fight the good fight when I’m confronted with someone telling me I “need” to unnecessarily medicate my children. It’s just sad that I have to be.

That Whole Big Bird Thing

Why are people clinging to this point? Should we be funding a tv network with tax dollars? Probably not. But the list of things we waste tax dollars on is quite long. Regardless this is not one of the major issues.

Wal-Mart is Your New Super Evil Bank

Oh shit, here we go. The financial world will have really fucked up if they let Wal-Mart get its foot in the door in the bank business.

SNL Debate 2012

Saturday Night Live has the best commentary on the debate. The only thing about the election I actually enjoyed tonight. It can’t get over fast enough for me.

This Picture is Awesome

That is all.


More Late Night Browsing

Romney “Wins” the Debate

Didn’t have the chance to watch the whole debate, and I don’t have the greatest interest in politics, but I did chance to hear Romney say the most honest thing I’ve ever heard a politician say: “In my opinion, the government is not effective in — in bringing down the cost of almost anything.”

Facebook Offers Paid Post Promotion

I can already sense the rumbling from the mob about this. Do people forget that Facebook is a business? Or do they just forget what business is? Won’t stop them from promoting their shitty useless posts.

Internet Usage “Disorder”

Fuck. Really? I know my fair share of people debilitated by their overuse of the Internet, but do we need this diagnosable?

Baldness Awareness

This shit’s going mainstream. Are they reading Danger & Play?

HRT Coming to a Post Menopausal Woman Near You

Let’s see how biased the general population can get about this. I don’t have a problem with whatever hormones a person decides to take, that their choice. The population at large however has villianized even low dose quality TRT. I don’t expect female HRT will receive the same treatment given the track record.

Robotic Bee Brains

I love this shit. Shows we’re still pushing forward. Read one last week about making cockroaches into remote controlled audio/visual platforms to be used for crawling into rubble for search and rescue.