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Young Hunter Reviews: Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods acknowledges its own irreverence promptly which allows the movie to be taken in its own direction quickly without succumbing to the typical horror genre pitfalls. The campiness is implied and celebrated without being a parody; a fine line deftly tread. Not surprising with Joss Whedon as one of the writers.

Worth noting: the film had one of it’s lead actresses down to her panties within the first four minutes. Bravo. This is a throwback to the classic horror movies of the 70’s and 80’s that I believe should be celebrated. Also: titties. It shows them at one point. I don’t know why the horror genre moved away from nudity or why anyone thought that it was even remotely okay, but its important to the integrity of the medium.

Cabin in the Woods had two actors I recognized: Chris Hemsworth (Thor, of course) and that almost black guy from Grey’s Anatomy. Well actually he looks a little more black in this. Spray tan? Oh, and Richard Jenkins, of course, but that goes without saying. The acting has quality for what it was, though not a lot was asked of them.

The movie had some genuine twists and unexpected plot developments. Something to be valued in any movie, it seems like the genre that would benefit most from those qualities is nearly universally lacking in modern cinema. Early on you begin to only expect the unexpected as the movie twists the genre to allow just about anything.

This is definitely a renter. Hard to see repeated viewings being very likely to where it’s worthwhile to own the movie. Not a film to make you think or contemplate much, its just a fun watch.


Young Hunter Reviews: Training Day

Recently on some obscure cable channel, here are my thoughts on Training Day. How much you like this movie will depend upon which of the main characters you relate to most. If you’re like me you’ll see this movie as a story about a pussy-ass little white knight motherfucker who stumbles into amazing opportunity that he doesn’t deserve. Instead of seizing it he bitches out and fucks everything up. The end.