Saturday Morning Browsing

Dating 2.0 – Selection, Active and Passive

The Private Man discusses a post from Cedo Nulli that is quite concise about how shitty most female’s selection methods are these days. Basically making the call for men to play their own games if she’s going to play hers.

Some Thoughts on the Justin Wayne Saga

3rd Millennium Men call out men essentially being unduly disrespectful on the internet. the internet is a great way for everyone to discuss our thoughts and issues, we just have to remember where the line is for those who don’t deserve the public shame.

Feminine Wiles

Seems like a bit of a theme going here, but a good reminder about how female powers of persuasion can be used for good.

Demanding More

Free Northerner begins by discussing the lies that are told about what women say they want and what they actually want. I like his point that the lie, not the preference is the problem. The post goes on discuss the incentives that lead men down the path of irresponsibility.

Pork 3 Way

Dannyfrom504 makes me hungry.

Failure is Underrated

More about the power of failure when we use it as a tool to get better and succeed. It’s a dangerous but powerful tool for lifting and life.

Blue Collar Strong Man

Interesting guide for MacGyvering a strong man training setup.

Give Your Back a Raise

Strengthening your lower back is often overlooked. Besides making you a better lifter, there are numerous health benefits. It’s an essential part of core training, even if no one cares about it half as much as getting that six-pack.


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