Caged Wolves

In my latest Bastard Chronicles installment, I talked briefly about wolves, sheep, and how they handle captivity and coexistence with each other; noting also that I want to write more on it. Put most simply there really isn’t a lot to it. Some men are wolves, some are sheep, and how they handle situations will be very much be influenced by that. Of course, it’s the behavioral observations that are most interesting and add the complexity.

If you have ever been around a “domesticated” wolf you have seen one of the most intensely loyal companions. Canine or otherwise. Their pack instinct is still so strong that as long as you are still found worthy as the wolf’s alpha it will be the most unhesitating being on this planet willing to die for you. While a man should of course be his own “alpha” the analogy I draw from this is about the connection.

Who cares really about a sheep’s trust? Its truly quite worthless. Its given away so easily and readily. Can this even be described as loyalty at all? Does a member of the flock care on any deep level about the other sheep? Compare this to the wolf pack. Smaller and tight knit, every member proven, tested, and worthy. This is part of the reason why I keep very few friends. What does friendship with sheep offer? Acquaintances I have many; probably a few too many for my tastes really. A good number of them think we’re friends, but I keep my inner circle real tight.

The interesting thing that happens in relationship land is that you are placed in more social settings where they are expected to coexist nicely. We all know how it is at work; that’s work, we put up with dipshits and fucktards all the time so we can handle our business, provide and all that. It’s in relationships that we are thrust into situations that it can feel truly intolerable. Common examples are the sister’s boyfriend, her friends’ husbands, the dad, the brother, the childhood friend, various cousins.

The reason these men are so hard to tolerate is our nature knows that it’s wrong. It’s grotesque to look upon. If that is their happiness then more power to them, I won’t be the one to tell them otherwise. Happiness is completely and utterly subjective to the given person, and advice would fall upon deaf ears regardless.

The way to handle this is to make it about science. Call it social observation; people can be interesting animals. I see these men as like some kind of floating sea creature that just latches onto the first surface he comes into contact with. Simple and unevolved, they just don’t know any better.

What’s encouraging is people aren’t necessarily so simple. While true change in a man can be extremely rare, it’s something that nearly everyone is capable of. Many of us are trying and finding quantifiable success with it. This is another instance of where the example you set matters more than your words. Every once in a great while that example may lead one of these men toward the red pill.


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