Bench Better

First, a video from Dave Tate:

Bench pressing is for some reason an iconic lift. Supremely over discussed and over hyped. Yes, it is an important lift for building upper body strength, but far from the most important. It can also be substituted for various other movements and you can still achieve an impressive and powerful upper body. But we’re still going to bench, right? Of course.

What we have to remember is how easily this lift can fuck us up. No, I don’t mean the bar falling and causing some sort of trauma, I mean the havoc that the movement can wreak on our shoulders and lower back. As with any lift form is monumentally important, but with the bench press there exists more bad advice and information than perhaps about all other lifts combined. Couple that with the unmatched desire to push the lift further for general dick measuring purposes and we have a recipe for disastrous injury.

Rotator cuffs are a fragile muscle, and care must be taken to avoid the injuries they frequently suffer. Once you get your form in check you have also built a platform from which to build serious strength. Another good video from Tate, this one a bit longer:


2 thoughts on “Bench Better

  1. kofitness2010

    Dave tate is awesome. I follow westside barbell methods all the time. I use it for a lot of the ahtletes that I train too. After I used their methods and techniques I finally reached over double my weight bench. If you been training for a long time and want to break some PR’s westside will get you there. Gotta put up the so you think you can squat video.” Thanks for the post.,

    1. Young Hunter Post author

      Love his straightforwardness. No sugar coating, just real shit. EliteFTS has a lot of good content, and their YouTube channel has some of the best lifting videos to be found.

      Westside still has amazing influence on the industry, even if many people don’t even know anything about it.


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