Late Night Browsing

Regular NFL refs are back; agree to 8 year deal

Thank you baby jesus. Oh, and Ed Hochuli is a boss.

NYC schools give out morning-after pills to students — without telling parents

Holy fuck. I think I had heard at some point about schools referring teens to clinics where they could get birth control without being required to inform parents, but this shit’s crazy. Gives me chills as a parent who has produced female offspring. Birth control is crazy enough, but the morning after pill is a free pass to fuck whoever whenever they want with only a walk of shame to the nurse’s office as a consequence.

More authority equals less stress

I don’t know how credible the study itself is, but its an interesting theory. Makes sense in many ways. I think in a lot of ways authority is a kind of freedom. Your choices have more weight, but they’re your choices. Also think about it in the context of the successfully self employed; they have achieved authority over both aspects of their life. The one frees the other.

Bill Nye is still the science guy

I don’t honestly know what he’s been up to since I used to watch him on PBS, but I love the strong passionate stance he takes here on an issue he cares about. It’s extremely common for public figures to take the easy way and travel a middle road that you know is not how they really feel.

Teacher who wrote lyrics for school lunch video says national media missed the message

The nutritional profile of school lunches are shit because of the utter fucking disgrace that is the food pyramid, and other government pushed donkey shit. Awareness is a good start, and the importance of protein can’t be stressed enough.

The Post-Apocalyptic Tech Scene

An interested read. The post apocalyptic idea is insightful, but I don’t like the socialist tone of the rest of the article.


5 thoughts on “Late Night Browsing

  1. Leap of a Beta

    Man, I never want to live in New York or any part of New England. Boston was miserable for me living there a year, and NYC seems to be the biggest nannying state ever between the pill stuff going on, not being able to sell large sodas (not that I drink them, just against the law of it), and all the other kinds of bullshit. Not to mention the fucked up dating scene there where women will go on 100 first dates a year for the food and drinks, admit to that, and not feel bad about it.

    Give me the midwest any day. Love Chicago.

    Definitely agree about the authority part too. I’ve noticed it in my own life. Honestly, the MOST stressful times are when you’re expected to show authority but have no way to back it, or you’re expected not to show authority when a situation clearly shows that such authority would get the job done a lot faster. I freelance for all kinds of different sized companies and different situations, so I run into those a lot. Makes a day miserable, especially as those situations usually involve a lot of women. So it’s either play with kitten gloves for their feelings, or decide if its worth it to smack down a ball busting bitch of a woman who wants to step up and take the reins.

    Give me a day where I’m in charge of two carpenters any day.

    1. Young Hunter Post author

      To me Chicago still seems more “mid-east” (not middle east) than mid-west. Seems like I’m always meeting people from there. I know it’s statistically likely being such a large city, but I find it far more common than meeting people from LA or NYC.

      Knowing something needs to be done and having your hands tied causing you not to be able to take care of it is a hard feeling to live with. Unfortunately I think it’s one most of us are pretty familiar with.

      1. Leap of a Beta

        Yeah. I wish I was less familiar with it. Still, one of the nice things about the red pill is not being afraid to take lead of a group when able to. And also realizing that you don’t need to know skills to be able to delegate those tasks to others. Well, not exactly ‘red pill’, but some of the leadership skills I’ve been learning since upping my masculinity, status, and confidence.

  2. the audacious amateur blogger

    Bill Nye, the Science Guy is now a virtual exhibit/teacher at this science museum up in Northern California, just north of Berkeley. I only know this because I went there, after a “rain hike” with a guy I was seeing and was like holy fcuk, Bill Nye scored an awesome, ever-paying gig up here in hippie land USA.

    I should probably disclose that I am from NYC, went to a public high school where teachers could dole out condoms to students who requested them. ANNNND… I dunno, of my 4 best friends from HS, who I have been in 2 of their wedding parties recently (this is 15 years later) were virgins well into 20, 21 up to 24 (myself included). I also know ONE person who had an abortion. ONE. Not sure how that measures up to the stats around hick towns where shows like “teen mom” (ever notice NOT ONE is ever from the better educated, more exposed to both the pros and cons of jumping into sex – let alone unprotected sex, northeast?) are filmed.

    Aaaaanyhow. Don’t worry about Bill Nye, he’s doin quite well for himself in the Bay area. As for Plan B. I was originally against it as being sold over the counter, for health reasons only. Young girls should not be able to readily ingest large amounts of hormones whenever they had an “oops night” which for some could be once a week. Then I thought more about it. IF they want to DESTROY THEIR OWN bodies, so be it. It saves them from having to deal with an unplanned pregnancy and all the shiat that goes along with the choices surrounding THAT.


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