Ignoring the Big Picture

Most topics we read about on blogs are about society’s problems. It’s only natural to want to discuss these problems, air them out, and get feedback. Multiple perspectives can help you look at a problem differently and discover solutions you might not otherwise see. Besides that sometimes its good to vent to like minded people.

Where we all can go astray when trying to make positive changes in our lives is getting caught up on the problem itself. We get angry that the problem exists in the first place. Then we start to look at the bigger picture and we see it happening everywhere, driving our fury even further. Considering that big picture and acknowledging our anger is important, but needs to be put aside sometimes when working on our individual problems.

If the natural state of society is patriarchal, then it’s easy to understand how we become focused on its broad and sweeping conflicts. We consider them our responsibility. Men used to be considered ultimately responsible for any and all actions of their wife and children. As the leader of his clan everything fell back onto him. He was accountable to society and his family was accountable to him. That contract has long been breached. By all parties. I would argue the biggest issue isn’t women, but “men” whose only claim to their gender is having a penis.

So our internal programming tells us to fix shit. It’s not hard to notice the societal problems which are shit that must be fixed. The connection that we have to make is worrying about those problems in their entirety will only serve to add to them. The next important connection to make is that many of them are the sum of our smaller problems. The big picture is incredibly important to us as men, but what’s more important to you as a man?

The state of current affairs pissing you off? You want to do something about? Make things better? Make yourself better. Push yourself more in the gym, eat better, dress better, read, do something creative. Society doesn’t improve you, you improve it. Be a better man and you are doing your part.

Feminized (autocorrect tried fixing this to “age unisex” how apt) society pissing you off? Good! Live your life like a man in spite of all that shit and you’ve achieved a true victory. Earlier generations like to reminisce about how things used to be. How men used to act. Well that’s no achievement when it’s choice number one. Do it now and you’ve earned something.


7 thoughts on “Ignoring the Big Picture

    1. Young Hunter Post author

      I think it’s important to be politically aware to an extent, but not everyone has the desire or passion to be politically active. That said, if something is important to someone they should know the politics that might effect it.

  1. Leap of a Beta

    I personally believe that most people will be unable to affect the world at anything more than a community level, if that. Parallel to that is the idea that, by greatly affecting a community around you, you really can affect the national scene of something in today’s information age.

    Focus on self. The self will improve. Then the self will improve the world around you, which will ripple outwards naturally without any additional effort needed on your part. Though if you desire to, greater effort can be expended to do that.

    1. Young Hunter Post author

      Leading by example. Also when a person is more squared away and has shit in order they’re in a better place to really help or teach someone a better way if the need arises.

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