State Sponsored

Probably an understatement to say we all have people we wish we didn’t know. I’m also probably not alone when I say one of those people for me is also someone I wish didn’t stick my dick in. No, she didn’t get pregnant. I’m just in a position to keep hearing current info about her that disgusts me to that extent.

The reason why it’s worth mentioning is its an example of how a mother (using that term loosely) can jump back on the carousel full tilt. I normally don’t really care if that’s how a woman chooses to spend her 20’s and beyond and then complains later; I mean really America is full of people whining about one thing or another. And if you’re not one of “them” then what you whine about is “them” thus making you one of “them”. Just a vicious circle.

When I met her the disguise she was wearing was that of a relatively stable young single mother. That doesn’t matter too much to me because I’m not looking for a replacement mother of my children, a wife, or anything that requires any homemaker qualities. So even if most of that was untrue, not a big deal. However, being a father, it was the basis for part of our initial connection. Things broke apart eventually as was inevitable.

Normally in these situations we would go our very different ways and I wouldn’t really ever have to think of her again. The way in which I met her isn’t the typical one though. I met her through another woman, one I actually do care about. They had been friends for somewhere around a decade, considered each other like family. The events that transpired between all of us changed that somewhat, but that’s a different story.

So remaining somewhat associated with her by proxy I was present when the court ruled that her children be taken from her. This wasn’t something that surprised me for a few different reasons. How she handled it after the fact was what did. Of course she was emotional and I expected she would probably drink a bit and make a few bad decisions, but I also expected after hitting rock bottom for a short period she would do what ever she needed to get her kids back. Instead she hit rock bottom and decided she kind of liked it there.

Court dates came and went, passing by like meaningless foreign holidays. She might have seen them on the calendar, but it was just a minor distraction. She comforted herself by deciding they were “lost causes anyway”. She busied herself by pursuing an endless stream of random cock and whoring herself for money and merchandise.

There’s no real ending to this story. She was approached again about regaining custody and she said she has no interest. The state has given her another chance at an unburdened life and she has embraced it wholeheartedly. The state still even partially supports her. So if you pay taxes, congratulations you’re subsidizing her and her kids. Separately. It’s a sad story and my part in it is small, but it serves as a reminder to me how much a person’s true nature can be hidden. It’s a twisted reality.


2 thoughts on “State Sponsored

  1. 3rd Millenium Men

    Appalling. Very, very sad for those poor children.
    On another note, completely agree with your first line and have been writing a post on that topic.

    1. Young Hunter Post author

      Obviously I don’t know everyone’s background, but having kids makes things like this hit home a lot harder. Kids aren’t some ambiguous idea where you know they should be treated well, you know specifically how it feels when kids get fucked with.

      It’s a topic that we probably all have some thoughts on. Look forward to reading it.


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