Everyone is Available

It’s not uncommon to hear “everyone has their price”, but it’s more common to hear any random individual’s list off things they would never do. It doesn’t take a lot of observation of human behavior to discover that list is mostly self-comforting bullshit.

If everyone has their price, isn’t it better to know what your price is? Any one person’s values they claim to hold are entirely dependent upon the situation in which they are being applied. That’s why a pacifist is a dumbfuck. “I would never take a human life.” No, fuck that, the right answer is: “I would never take another human life unless dot dot dot” Anything less than that and a person is lying to themselves.

Of course that’s just one obvious example. More enjoyable are the implied lies we see all time in interpersonal relationships. Most are expected like the lazy fat fuck complaining about co-workers not pulling their weight. Or the mother judging any and every other parent not in earshot while she sends her kids off to mom and dad’s every weekend (plus Tuesdays) so she can author the next issue of Pump & Dumped Weekly. My favorite, however, are the gossip whores raining fire and brimstone down upon known or suspected cheaters.

I work in a building with a lot of people in it at any given time, and being pretty social I know and talk to many of them. I can’t name but a small handful of people that are really truly single. Everyone is attached somehow, so almost any new relationship started is at the expense of the current one. Or not. Maybe keep a couple going at the same time. That’s cool too. The point is, depending on your point of view almost anyone could be painted by the broad cheating brush.

Most relationship origin stories I hear start with something like: “Well, I was kinda sorta seeing so-and-so when we met.” That so-and-so was boy/girlfriend of two and half years. They had a dog and an apartment together. Female listeners at the story’s conclusion will say something like: “Wow, what an amazing story, you’re so lucky you finally found who you’re supposed to be with!” Male listeners if the storyteller is female will nod and secretly start plotting.

I see nothing wrong with the above scenario. Human nature. That’s just life, but it’s undeniably cheating. Once past the short statute of limitations and given the proper fairy tale frame it’s completely socially acceptable. What’s not acceptable is anything other than serial “monogamy” (contradictory when there’s overlap) and nice guys patiently waiting for women to step off the carousel.

So back to those gossip whores. I love it because I know the truth. I know what they’ve done. Maybe not always specifically, but when I look in their eyes and for that brief moment they falter, I know.


3 thoughts on “Everyone is Available

  1. 3rd Millenium Men

    Interesting. Women generally hate being single, and so will often ensure they have an option open before leaving their partner.

    I’ve previously written about my own bad habit… I’m a greedy bastard. I’m happy to go without a girl for weeks (have also made it to months when once in a long distance relationship or when completely consumed by a project).

    BUT the second I get with a girl, I get with another. And another. It’s a bad habit.

    More here: http://3rdmilleniummen.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/im-a-greedy-bastard-stories-coming-soon/

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