Beard Game

There are few things in this life more manly than having hair grow out of your face. No one can look at a luxurious beard and believe the man behind it is less masculine because of it. Proven law of nature. Now, I’ve read that the majority of women when polled claim to prefer a clean shaven man. Fuck that.

Now not every man can grow a beard worthy of song and legend, so it’s important to recognize what your facial hair attraction threshold is. Thickness is an important variable for determining how long you can grow it. This is why Beard Game is more relevant beginning sometime in your 20’s depending on your beard growing genetics.

Once grown your beard is a mighty weapon in the game. Besides being an obvious display of raw masculinity, it can be used in a variety of situations. For example: you open some girl and she isn’t immediately in awe of your bearded presence, just refer back to the beard.

You: It’s the beard, isn’t it?

Her: No, no, its not that– You: Just tell me honestly, my beard can take it.

Her: Your beard can???

You: It’s a curse really, I hate it. I just shaved this morning too.

Works when something is awesome too, blame it on the beard. Or talk as if you and your beard are a dynamic team, really that’s just honesty. Profound and deep honesty, that she can’t relate to, but will know is undeniably true. Google a few beard jokes if you can’t think of any of your own, and keep them for situational use. Better than canned openers.

Beard game might not be for every man, but I suggest growing a quality beard at least once in your life. You may find what you’re truly missing in life.


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