Nutritional Peer Pressure

I’m a bigger than average guy. I take lifting and nutrition seriously. I generally am not one to start conversations about nutrition, but if the topic comes up I’m going to express my opinions, and try to share some of what I’ve learned since I had made the decision to be pursue better health and fitness several years ago.

So among those in my circle, to include my coworkers, my methods are well known. They often see me eat a couple pounds of lean meat within a single shift, and snack on nuts or have a protein shake. Shitty food is always around and they are always looking for ways to bring in more of it. I don’t eat it, just no interest.

Today the shitty meal of the day is a lunch catered by a local Italian restaurant. Nothing I’ll eat, but I brought my own food, so no big deal. But despite knowing my eating preferences (which I never force on them), jokes ensue about how many pounds of lasagna I’ll eat, and if anyone else will get any.

They were all good guesses, but the answer is none. I don’t care about the joking, I do eat a lot. However after not partaking in the shared trough of slimy pasta the attempted shaming begins. Good luck trying to make me feel bad about eating well! And consider the source: mostly women who may have been on six different “diets” in as many months (not really saying women are worse in this all too common nutritional shaming protocol, I just don’t work with many men).

I think what I take from this is there’s a tipping point where peer pressure stops being pressure to conform, but pressure to stay your course. My four chicken breasts taste especially good today.



8 thoughts on “Nutritional Peer Pressure

  1. 3rd Millenium Men

    LOL know the feeling with people who stuff their faces with cakes, hash browns, pies, several liters of fizzy drink a day etc. while I’m eating healthy. Not obsessively so but it’s a way of life. guess what? I’m ripped and they’re fat slobs.

  2. M3

    I get this often from my coworkers who seem to have a ritual of belting out ‘HAAAARVEEEEEY’s’ or some other fast food joint when lunch time rolls along. They all instinctively look towards me with ‘the stare’ and i just say, ‘no thanks’. then the ribbing begins.

    “Not part of the team”
    “Why so anti social?”
    “You’re fit, you can splurge”

    I have no problem telling them where to go.

    I must confess tho, i have fallen off the program a bit and succumbed to the allure of carbs again. I must redouble my efforts if i want to see my abs before the year is out.

    1. Young Hunter Post author

      “You’re fit, so you can splurge.”

      This one is great, I hear it all the time. Like fitness is a currency you can use to eat shit food. How do they think getting fit happens? Of course being more fit probably means you have better nutrient partitioning, so hey could probably be okay eating a couple calorie bombs. That will just draw additional ire for eating that and not looking like them.

      1. The Bastard

        It rarely draws ire in my experience, usually just enables them to further justify their poor lifestyle choices. There have been a number of times when I decided to cheat a little bit and grab a piece of cheesecake or something from my school’s cafeteria and some Little Miss Piggy orbiting around the dessert platter rationalizes that since I’m in great shape and having some that she can have some too! Never fails to crack me up.

  3. Leap of a Beta

    I get this all the time and I’m not even that strict in sticking to my paleo diet with interval fasting. I do it, and I do it well enough to see gains, but people look at me like I’m crazy for saying I don’t want cheese, or would like a wrap instead of bread. Or a salad without any dressing because there aren’t any options I want.

    Then the pigs go stuff their faces. It’s disgusting.

    1. M3

      “Then the pigs go stuff their faces. It’s disgusting.”

      And they wash it down with their diet cola to feel good about how they’re trying to eat healthy.

      It is to LOL.


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