Eye Contact & Dominance

In my last post I wrote briefly about the power of awareness and keeping your eyes above the dashboard. I’m going to expand on that now with one of the benefits granted to you once you’ve started using that power.

One of Danger & Play‘s best posts is a primer on eye contact game, in which he writes that whoever looks down first indicates who is submissive. The other person is therefore the dominant one in that interaction. The same is true in all of your interactions, not just the ones with women.

Knowing this is a valuable asset and tool that can be used everyday to gradually and sometimes immediately claim and build your dominance of the people around you.

The next time you’re going to be out in public remind yourself to make eye contact with the random people you’re going to come into contact with. Not just service people, but anyone looking your way. Reinforce your inner frame.

You may fear that you are going to come off as hostile and confrontational; but what you’re going to find is that nearly everyone is going to make very brief eye contact and then quickly look away. Usually away and down, which is extremely submissive. After that 0.37 seconds of eye contact they don’t even know if you’re still looking their direction. They’ve shown you their belly.

This completely changes the time you spend out in public. Feeling your dominance over those around you makes you feel predatory and powerful. And you are. You have essentially brought everyone around you into your frame. With your head up, your eyes away from your phone, and your fear of eye contact dissipated, you’re free to observe fully all that is going on around you.

As your powers of observation grow, so do your chances of random opportunity. The range of those opportunities is staggering once you start experiencing them. You may be looking for that unnecessary IOI but you may find yourself in a position to help a stranger or save your own life.

One-on-one interactions change the game somewhat, but many of the principles are the same, just their application is different. Someone you are acquainted with is most likely going to meet and hold your eye contact to begin with. Depending on their own social conditioning they may actually hold it for some time. If this makes you feel more tension, learn to live within it.

Break eye contact after they do and after you finish your sentence if you are speaking. Keep this break brief and then reestablish eye contact. Rinse and repeat. You are establishing a pattern of the other person submitting to you; and they’re doing it more often in less time, quickly bringing them under your influence.

Raise your awareness and claim your dominance. These are skills that are easy to begin using and don’t need to be mastered to reap benefits. Begin to master them and you’ll never look at running to the store the same again.


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