Don’t Wear Flip-flops

Just fucking don’t do it. Unless you are actually near a body of water it just looks ridiculous. Besides the style argument, how are you at all prepared for shit to happen? Even if you aren’t someone who cares about being ready for the 1%, why make yourself less ready?



3 thoughts on “Don’t Wear Flip-flops

  1. cookie9001

    Good to know that I’m not the only one who thinks flip-flops actually put you at a greater risk for danger. Aside from not being able to run while wearing them, the completely open top on flip-flops makes it really easy to injure your foot. I’ve been to at least two parties where someone has gotten their foot burnt or stabbed just because their flip-flops offered no basic protection whatsoever.

  2. Carnivore

    Yeah, people don’t think ahead for simple stuff, like what if the car breaks down. Or not dressing up appropriately in winter. Going from the heated attached garage to the heated indoor parking garage gives people a false sense of isolation from nature.


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