Eyes Above the Dash

There’s a great amount of power in awareness. This should seem obvious to most, but the masses relinquish this power everyday.

I like technology and information as much as anyone, maybe more than most. Our ease of access to it in today’s world is an amazing tool. However that’s no excuse for giving away your power of awareness when out in the world.

The picture above is an example of someone whose eyes are below the dashboard. By that I mean if she were driving a car her eyes wouldn’t even be on the road! She has made herself a much more likely victim. Sheep.


5 thoughts on “Eyes Above the Dash

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  2. rivsdiary

    i’ve thought about this post several times since i read it. i think you make a good point. on the one hand, being “in my own world” has a cool factor to it, but yeah, it’s giving away my power.

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