The Hunt Begins

Men are hunters. Our ancestors may have been hunter/gatherers, but man’s intelligence, adaptability, and strength were for The Hunt. Then The Hunt was simple: sustenance, a meager survival. Today The Hunt is abstract, and most men no longer even know what they’re hunting for.

Despite that we’re still driven to it. We’re restless because we know we are not living as we’re meant to. Today’s world is very good at putting all sorts of shiny distractions in the would-be hunter’s path. Read nearly any story in mythology and somewhere along the way something is laid before the hero to keep him from his quest, his mission. So the idea is nothing new.

The difference between the hero and all the men who came before him and failed is his dedication. Not to a woman, or society, or even his kids, but to his mission. It’s his power to pursue his mission with passion and aggression that sets him apart. Men pursuing their mission were once something encouraged and seen as a cornerstone of civilization. I believe anyone reading this knows that to longer be true.

Know this: society will never make you special. Following the well worn path only makes you like those who walked it before you. That may make you think its safer, but nothing could be more dangerous. Walking that path makes you a sheep; you are prey. Wolves brave the forest and lurk outside the path, seeing and doing things sheep could never dream of.

The real value in the red pill isn’t in getting the average man more ass, its in restoring his mission. Waking him up and getting him off the worn path. Telling him that without a shadow of a doubt that he is average and has done everything possible to keep himself so. Don’t settle for that shit, The Hunt is waiting. Embrace it.


2 thoughts on “The Hunt Begins

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  2. rivsdiary

    “The real value in the red pill isn’t in getting the average man more ass, its in restoring his mission.”

    this is AWESOME. perfect. roissy’s commandment 3.


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